Tonio Armani

Artist/Band: Tonio Armani


Hometown: Columbus, Georgia

Latest Album/Release: Diggin in the Crates

Influences: R-Kelly, Jodeci, Tyrese

TrunkSpace: How would you describe your music?
Armani: R&B / Trap Soul / Hip-Hop

TrunkSpace: Where does your passion for creating and performing music stem from? Was there a particular person or experience from early in your life that you can directly point to in terms of helping to plant those seeds for where you are today?
Armani: My kids inspired me to keep going.

TrunkSpace: In creating new music, how important is collaborating with other people, or, do you tend to work exclusively on your own and then bring in a producer when the material is as close to finished as possible?
Armani: It doesn’t matter. I love creating good music for the world to listen to.

TrunkSpace: Are you trained in any particular instruments and if so, how important was that journey (of learning those instruments) in sculpting what your career is today?
Armani: My voice is my instrument. I train myself every day to perfect my craft.

TrunkSpace: Where do you find your lyrical inspiration when writing new songs? Do you tend to write from experience or do you approach writing as more of a storyteller?
Armani: I can write a song about any and everything.

TrunkSpace: What is the most difficult aspect of exposing your music to a mass audience in 2017? What are the hurdles that artists have to leap in order to break through all of the noise?
Armani: Getting music heard by the right people. Being at the right place at the right time. I just need that one person who can help me advance my career. I wanna do this for as long as I can.

TrunkSpace: Is there a particular dream in your mind in terms of where you’d like to see your musical career take you? What’s the goal?
Armani: Selling out my own show.

TrunkSpace: You’re based out of Columbus, GA. What is the music scene like there currently and is it a supportive community or is it competitive?
Armani: It’s competitive, but I’m ready for the challenge.

TrunkSpace: What can fans expect from Tonio Armani in 2017?
Armani: Tonio Armani will be working twice as hard as I worked last year. I’m a superstar.

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