May 2021

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Rider & Rolling Thunder


Most songwriters create music, and while that is exactly what Rider Soran does, he also simultaneously creates a vibe, which is the ingredient that is not as common to find. With his latest EP On the Banks of the Tennessee available May 28 via Defendu Records, the Rider & Rolling Thunder frontman is bringing a swagger to every track, including the single “Main St Shuffle,” which is why we sat down with the Idaho native for a brand new seven question session.


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Lee Shorten


From The Terror to The Man in the High Castle, actor Lee Shorten has been killing it on screen, though performing is not where his creative path ends. Instead, it branches out into numerous avenues, including writing and directing, which is why we sat down with the multi-pronged threat to discuss the industry and the craft in our latest seven question session.

Featured Image By: Kyla Hemmelgarn


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Ben Cosgrove


With his latest album The Trouble With Wilderness, Ben Cosgrove has taken an Ian Malcolm view towards songwriting, which for those who do not get the Jurassic Park reference, it means he believes that “Life finds a way.” Searching for nature’s beauty between the cracks of our modern world, the Boston-based composer inspires the listener to look longer and discover deeper, which is why we recently sat down with Cosgrove for a brand new – world’s view – seven question session.


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The Accidentals


With their new EP, Time Out (Session 1), The Accidentals have simultaneously checked off multiple bucket list items. With creative collaborations abound, including those with songwriters Kim Richey, Tom Paxton, and Dar Williams, the EP would not exist if not for the slowing down period that the pandemic called for in 2020, proving that – at least for The Accidentals – there are such things as happy accidents. We recently sat down with the trio of Sav Buist, Katie Larson, and Michael Dause for a brand new seven question session.


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