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Dogfish Head’s Namaste White

Brewer: Dogfish Head Craft Brewery

Beer: Namaste White

Alcohol Content by Volume: 4.80%

After dealing with my ails, I have returned to sample the ales. Beverage reviews aren’t a swimming pool. You can’t just dive right in and grab the moonshine. You have to make like The Wiz and ease on down the road.

I’ve always been a fan of the Belgian witbier, particularly on a hot summer day. It compliments outdoor day drinking nicely. Knowing that I was going to be spending most of my Sunday with my yellow head floating over a patio chair, I decided to grab a sixer of this Dogfish offering. Utilizing lemongrass, orange slices, and coriander, this beer is a refreshing sip in the sun, which I paired with some steamed crab legs to bring its Delaware brewing location full circle. The beauty of witbier is that it’s a great lounging drink, a refreshing refreshment for when you have a cooler by your side and no desire to stand.

Thanks for not making me stand on my day off, Dogfish!


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