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New Holland Brewing’s Dragon’s Milk

Brewer: New Holland Brewing

Beer: Dragon’s Milk/Imperial Stout

Alcohol Content by Volume: 11%

I am Daenerys Stoutborn of the House Drinkian, First of His Visage, the Undrunk, King of the Ales and the First Beer, Tripeleesi of the Great Hoppy Sea, Breaker of the Bottles, and Father of Dragon’s Milk.

Yes, that was a really long way to go about telling you that I am SUPER PSYCHED for this week’s “Game of Thrones” season finale, and to celebrate it, I’m swearing like The Hound and drinking like Tyrion Lannister… and doing it all with the late, great Viserion in mind! I’m sinking deep into my bottles of the deliciously smooth Dragon’s Milk like Viserion sank into the frozen lake beyond the wall. (Spoiler Alert!)

Brewed by New Holland Brewing, this bourbon barrel aged stout is thick enough to fill your belly and potent enough to help you survive the cold, because after all… winter is coming!


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