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Weyerbacher’s Merry Monks

Brewer: Weyerbacher

Beer: Merry Monks

Alcohol Content by Volume: 9.3%

Some nice fella sent an email to TrunkSpace that was directed to me and it relates to my reviews, so I figured I’d start this one by addressing it.

You never have anything bad to say about anything. Clearly your in th e pockets of these breweries.”

That’s it. Pasted as it was sent.

Here’s the thing, I do try plenty of beers that I’m not a very big fan of. In fact, there’s some that I downright do a spit take with. But, let’s pause for minute, pump the brakes and take a look at the world around us.

Yup. It can be pretty shitty out there. Especially in this whimsical little place called the Internet. There is so much unnecessary negativity circulating around and around and around, that TrunkSpace (and myself) have decided to not participate in fueling that out-of-control fire. If we don’t like something, we just don’t write about it. It’s not worth our energy in writing it or your energy in reading it. And specifically when it comes to beer reviews… who wants to soak in a negative one? “Oh, this drunken emoji said this beer sucks… I SHOULD RUN OUT A SEE FOR MYSELF!” No!

So, whether you like it or not, I like this beer. I like it a lot. I would drink it in a house. I would drink it with a mouse. I would drink it in my chair. I would drink it anywhere.

Oh, and just as the last time that I sampled their offerings, Weyerbacher freaks me out with their label art! WHAT DOES THE MONK WANT ME TO BE SILENT ABOUT?!?!

Regardless, this is one hell of a tripel and it is worth you running out to see for yourself.


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