Bottled Up Emotions

Dogfish Head’s Namaste White


Brewer: Dogfish Head Craft Brewery

Beer: Namaste White

Alcohol Content by Volume: 4.80%

After dealing with my ails, I have returned to sample the ales. Beverage reviews aren’t a swimming pool. You can’t just dive right in and grab the moonshine. You have to make like The Wiz and ease on down the road.

I’ve always been a fan of the Belgian witbier, particularly on a hot summer day. It compliments outdoor day drinking nicely. Knowing that I was going to be spending most of my Sunday with my yellow head floating over a patio chair, I decided to grab a sixer of this Dogfish offering. Utilizing lemongrass, orange slices, and coriander, this beer is a refreshing sip in the sun, which I paired with some steamed crab legs to bring its Delaware brewing location full circle. The beauty of witbier is that it’s a great lounging drink, a refreshing refreshment for when you have a cooler by your side and no desire to stand.

Thanks for not making me stand on my day off, Dogfish!


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Bottled Up Emotions

Revival Brewing Company’s Night Swim’Ah


Brewer: Revival Brewing Co.

Beer: Night Swim’Ah

Alcohol Content by Volume: 4.70%

I apologize for my drink-related silence these past few weeks. Like any well-oiled machine, I too need to refuel the tank, which I have done in the form of swearing off beer…


Like Godzilla rising from the sea after licking his wounds, I, Drunken Emoji, am returning with a vengeance. As my first trick, I’m going to drink a sixer of Night Swim’Ah, a raspberry-infused witbier. Brewed in Rhode Island, this big beer from the tiniest state is a refreshing offering that feels best suited for a relaxing weekend with plenty of outdoor leisure in mind. Although the raspberry flavor is not openly advertised on the bottle, it’s there, mingling with textures of vanilla and… banana bread?

Maybe I’m crazy. Maybe I’m rusty. But I taste it there, tucked away in the back of the bottle. I guess I’ll just have to pour a few more to see if I’m chasing the right flavors.

>Insert the tssss pop of a battle cap<

And now to find me some outdoor leisure to attend to!


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