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Trunktober: The Monster Squad

This October we’re focused on one thing and one thing only… watching as much horror-related programming as possible to prime the pop culture pump in celebration of Halloween. Our consuming will be taking place nightly, and while there’s no rhyme or reason to how we’re going about choosing our scary screenings, we’ll do our best to tell you how we did it so that you can watch them as well.

Title: The Monster Squad

Directed By: Fred Dekker

Starring: Andre Gower, Ryan Lambert, Stephen Macht, Duncan Regehr, Tom Noonan, Ashley Bank

We Watched On: Hulu

Trunktober Approved Because: In our neighborhood, you were either a “The Goonies” fan or a “The Monster Squad” fan. You couldn’t be both. (Technically you could, but that would ruin the point we’re trying to make!) Obviously, “The Goonies” is a classic, but for us horror-loving, Universal monster-adoring weirdos who spent the better part of our summer vacations searching local lakes for Loch Ness-like serpents, this coming-of-age story with a creature feature twist was everything we ever wanted and more. Thank goodness that we had HBO and it played in regular rotation for nearly all of our adolescence!

Biggest Scare: Not so much a scare as it is a scar. (Emotional scar!) There’s all this talk in the film about wolfman nards, but in the end, it’s Dracula’s “dork” that is revealed in half man/half bat form. Blink and you’ll miss it. Seriously… blink!

Bonus: Check out our interview with Ryan Lambert, aka Rudy, here!

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