Bottled Up Emotions

Sunday Mole Stout

Brewer: Weyerbacher

Beer: Sunday Mole Stout

Alcohol Content by Volume: 11.3

Holy mole! Weyerbacher isn’t just fun to say, it’s also delicious. This unique stout is brewed with coffee cocoa, cinnamon, and peppers, making for a boozy concoction that has a down-home taste… as if my old uncle Experimental Home Cook Emoji made me a private batch in his seasoned crockpot. The 11.3 percent alcohol by volume certainly gets the job done, and as it turns out, the more you drink the creepier the clown/jester on the label gets. Thankfully I’m a problem solver and I poured the three (or so) I enjoyed into my favorite pint glass and then consumed. In life, it’s all about the little victories!


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