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Sarah Fisher

This week we’re taking an extended look at the new movie, “#Roxy,” a modern romcom-reimagining of “Cyrano de Bergerac” starring Jake Short, Booboo Stewart, Sarah Fisher and Danny Trejo. The adaptation with a cyber age twist arrives on digital HD today.

Next up we’re chatting with Sarah Fisher to discuss the immediate connection she felt to her character Roxy, her real-world relationship to social media, and why she is going to continue to scare herself throughout the course of her career.

TrunkSpace: “#Roxy” is a classic story with a very modern spin. Did you go back and look at any of the previous takes on the story or was your focus on “#Roxy” and what this particular script had to offer?
Fisher: I did watch the Steve Martin film, “Roxanne,” and was so excited to be telling a more modern-day version of such a great love story!

TrunkSpace: With that said, what did you take away from your first read of the “#Roxy” script? Was it something that you instantly identified with and could see yourself being a part of?
Fisher: I connected with the script right away! I also felt connected to Roxy – she has this fun quirk in her that I discovered while doing my audition and immediately wanted to be a part in telling her story!

TrunkSpace: In terms of your career as a whole, where does Roxy fit in? Did you see something in her that would allow you to showcase a side of yourself as a performer that you have yet to experience with previous projects?
Fisher: I am very proud of this movie. I think when you have such a great cast and crew who all care about the project, that is when you create “movie magic.” With every role I play, I get to rediscover parts of myself. Roxy was a lot of fun because I see a lot of myself in her.

TrunkSpace: Digital communication plays a big role in the plot of the film. What is your own personal relationship with social media? You have a digital presence, but is it more a necessary evil than a passion?
Fisher: My relationship with social media is definitely a little bit of both! The most important thing about social media for me is that it gives me an opportunity to talk with my followers and get to know them. I feel very lucky to have so much love and support and I never want to take that for granted! So, I like to be as active as I can be in that regard. There’s a part of me that finds it very fun in terms of creativity! There is also a part of me that sees how toxic it can be – I find myself obsessing over it sometimes or getting anxious if a picture doesn’t do well, but I think it’s important to remind yourself that the amount of comments, followers or likes you have does not determine your self-worth. YOU do!

TrunkSpace: For the audience, the most enjoyable part of a movie is the movie itself, but for those involved in the project, we would imagine it is the experience. For you, what will you take away from the production that will stay with you?
Fisher: How lucky I am to be so in love with what I do. I am so fortunate to have a job where I wake up EXCITED to go to work!

TrunkSpace: You are also a singer/songwriter. Do you view your acting career and musical career as two separate avenues or do they converge to form one larger highway that leads to your creative end goals?
Fisher: I am so completely obsessed with both the acting and the music world. So far in my career it has been a very interesting combo of BOTH, being two very separate paths and then randomly the paths connect for a second. I think in the long run they will eventually come together.

TrunkSpace: While we’re at it, what are your creative end goals? What bucket list items do you want to check off your list throughout the course of your career?
Fisher: I believe things happen for a reason, so yes, I have a million goals in terms of roles I’m dying to play, and yes, I would like to be more involved in the production and music side than I currently am in my career, but I believe that will come when it’s meant to. My biggest end goal is that I always continue to learn. I believe you will never be your best at something, but you can be great, so continue to do what you love, to scare yourself and to take risks that help you grow, because then you know no matter what happens in your career, you’re doing something right.

Fisher in “#Roxy”

TrunkSpace: What has been the biggest highlight of your career thus far, the “pinch me” moment that still makes you pinch yourself?
Fisher: I was the lead actress and associate producer for a feature film called “Kiss and Cry” that is currently on Netflix, worldwide. Every day on set felt like magic and I am blown away by the outpouring of love and support and the reaction we have gotten worldwide.

TrunkSpace: You spent more than 75 episodes playing Becky Baker on the series “Degrassi: The Next Generation.” What was it like getting to spend that much time with one character and would you welcome an opportunity like that again, to work on a series for an extended number of years?
Fisher: Degrassi will always be home to me, and everyone involved in that remarkable show will always be family to me. I feel so incredibly lucky to have been a part of such a powerful movement for young people. I loved spending so much time with one character and really getting to know her and love her and root for her and get mad at her. It was truly an unforgettable experience. I would ABSOLUTELY welcome an opportunity to dive into another character and fall in love with another world.

TrunkSpace: Time machine question. If you could jump ahead 10 years and get a glimpse of what your career looks like a decade from now, would you take that journey? If not, why?
Fisher: I would not! I am not always great at it, but I like to live in the NOW as much as I possibly can. All I know is if I work hard and continue to scare myself the right thing will happen, and part of the fun of it all is the surprise of what that right thing will be!

#Roxy” is available today on digital HD.

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