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This week we’re taking an extended look at the new movie, “#Roxy,” a modern romcom-reimagining of “Cyrano de Bergerac” starring Jake Short, Booboo Stewart, Sarah Fisher and Danny Trejo. The adaptation with a cyber age twist arrives on digital HD today.

Next up we’re chatting with Booboo Stewart to discuss finding comfort in the heartthrob, being drawn to the immortal Eric Draven, and what his ultimate creative passion is.

TrunkSpace: You’re playing the class heartthrob, Christian Newville, in “#Roxy.” Is that a role you’re comfortable with – the object of affection – or is that outside of your comfort zone? We would imagine that it is something you experienced personally in your own life, particularly after “The Twilight Saga” was released into the world?
Stewart: Through the years I’ve learned to be comfortable playing roles like that. Yes, “Twilight” played a big part of it.

TrunkSpace: Christian is also a high school student. You’re currently in your mid-20s. Is that a gift for an actor, getting to be able to play outside of your own demo? Does it allow for more opportunities when it comes to available roles?
Stewart: Sure, it’s great to still be able to play a teenager.

TrunkSpace: “#Roxy” is a classic story with a very modern spin. Did you go back and look at any of the previous takes on the story or was your focus on “#Roxy” and what this particular script had to offer?
Stewart: I did both – watched the original along with the Steve Martin version. Of course, the script was the main influence.

TrunkSpace: Digital communication plays a big role in the plot of the film. What is your own personal relationship with social media? You have a digital presence, but is it more a necessary evil than a passion?
Stewart: Yes, I thought it was sweet and funny. It was a great new look at the classic and a good standalone film.

TrunkSpace: The thing that interests us most about the world of independent cinema right now is that it seems like the only place where original stories are being told in the medium. Big studio films are all massive franchises and superhero installments and that leaves very little room for new POVs. As an actor, is that part of the draw in working on a film like “#Roxy,” that while a reimagining of a classic, it’s still original?
Stewart: I love doing both studio and independent films. They both have a lot to offer.

TrunkSpace: As much as we love the indie world, we also love superheroes. We grew up on them and getting to see them in a live action setting remains a great way to spend a few hours. You got to play Warpath of the X-Men back in 2014, and you recently voiced the villain Jack O’ Lantern in the “Spider-Man” animated series. Are there any other heroes or villains you’d like to bring to the big or small screens?
Stewart: Yes… THE CROW!!!

TrunkSpace: You’ve been working professionally from a very early age. Have your professional goals changed over the course of the years or do you feel like you’ve always been on the same path?
Stewart: I just love creating. The older I get, the more I see and want to experience. But ultimately, films are my passion.

Stewart with Jake Short in “#Roxy”

TrunkSpace: “Descendants 3” is due next year. Does the popularity of that project continue to surprise you, and while we know you can’t say much, what’s on tap for your character Jay in the upcoming installment?
Stewart: I was a little surprised. It always catches you a little off guard how popular something can be.

Yes, I can’t say much, but…

TrunkSpace: Art as a whole seems to be a very important aspect of your life. Outside of getting to express yourself through the various platforms that you channel your creativity, what does art do for you personally and emotionally that keeps you putting your thoughts and feelings out into the world?
Stewart: I’m now getting back into music. It’s a great way to express myself…That Band Honey.

#Roxy” is available today on digital HD.

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