Bottled Up Emotions

Rivertown Winter Ale

Brewer: Rivertown Brewery

Beer: Winter Ale

Alcohol Content by Volume: 7%

Some emoticons prefer the warmer months where they can rest their circular bottoms in the sand of ‘sum beach, ‘sum where. Me, I’m all about the blustery bluntness of cabin fever season. There’s something about the smells in the air and the beer in my yellow belly that make me feel particularly festive when the temperature drops. Case in point: Rivertown’s Winter Ale, a perfectly blended mix of flavor flavs that tastes as if the brewer bottled and fermented the holidays. With one sip, the pleasant spice of cinnamon lingers. With the next sip, the childhood-inducing sweetness of molasses remains. All sips to follow? Sheer wintery pleasantness!

For those who don’t know me personally, I also fancy myself a bit of an emoti-cook. Next time I prepare a batch of my famous beef stew, you best believe I’m adding a little of this Rivertown offering into my broth. And take my word for it, there’s nothing better than multifunctional booze!


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