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Bear Republic’s Red Rocket Ale

Brewer: Bear Republic

Beer: Red Rocket Ale

Alcohol Content by Volume: 6.8%

Bear Republic describes this beer as a “bastardized Scottish style red ale” on its label. That sounds like a mouthful to say, especially when my mouth is already filled with a three-second swig of Red Rocket, so I’m going to call it something a little more on point and to the point: DELICIOUS!

Now this is the kind of beer this old emoticon can spend a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, or Saturday night with. (Sundays are for whiskey!) Great aroma (like fragrant pine needles soaked in grapefruit juice), great color (like liquified caramel) and great taste (a hoppy flavor slap with a backdoor malt zing that lingers on the tongue).

A new favorite!


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