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Pineapple Sculpin

Brewer: Ballast Point

Beer: Pineapple Sculpin

Alcohol Content by Volume: 7.0%


Aye aye, Captain!

Ohhhhhhhhhh… who drinks from a bottle of pineapple beer?


That’s right. PINE… APPLE… BEER!

I know. I know. It sounds like it may skate too closely to a Sunday ham dinner at the ‘rents house, but pump those brakes. My emoji mother always taught me to accept a thank you bite when offered something new to try. If you like it, you say thank you. If you don’t like it, you say no thank you.

Thank you, Ballast Point.

This IPA with only a hint of pineapple aftertaste was a surprise from first sip. In fact, the scent of pineapple is stronger than the flavor itself, but the sweetness that does tickle the tongue does so in a powerful way, helping to balance the bitterness of the hops. Smooth to gulp down either lounging by a swimming pool or sitting inside waiting for the weather to warm so you can lounge by a swimming pool, this golden-colored ale with only a slight hint of tropical fruit is a summer treat even in the dog days of winter.

And as an aside, basting your Sunday ham in Pineapple Sculpin may not be such a bad thing.


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