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Bonny Doon’s Longwave

Artist: Bonny Doon

Album: “Longwave”

Label: Woodsist

Reason We’re Cranking It: There’s a lot of music out there. If you dig too deep, you can get lost in the weeds and spun around. However, if you hunt with a predatory ear, you can find some fresh musical meat worth sinking your teeth into. Barely a year ago Bonny Doon popped up on our radar with the release of their self-titled debut, and now with their follow-up “Longwave” continuing their impressive momentum, we’re locked in as full-fledged fans. Sign us up for what comes next.

What The Album Tells Us About Them: Sometimes prolific bands unwittingly find themselves in a quantity over quality situation, but this quartet from Michigan remains focused on putting out the best version of themselves, which with “Longwave,” improves upon their last studio offering. They’re good, but in time, they could very easily be great.

Track Stuck On Repeat: With a bit of a Carly Simon vibe tucked into the melody, “I Am Here (I Am Alive)” is a midday chill pill for the mind and body. Bill Lennox sings, “I’m a track without a train,” which is a metaphor we can all relate to as we chug chug chug our way through this odd journey called life.

Coming To A City Near You: Bonny Doon tour dates can be found here.

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