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John Calvin Abney’s Shine Like A Friend


Song Title: Shine Like A Friend

Single Sentence Singles Review: Abney writes music that lifts you up even when you’re feeling your most down, and with “Shine Like A Friend,” he proves once again that there’s no better stimulant than a song crafted from his guitar.

Beyond The Track: Abney’s fifth studio album, Familiar Ground, is due November 20 from Black Mes Records. Pre-orders are available here.

And that’s why…

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William Elliott Whitmore’s My Mind Can Be Cruel to Me


Song Title: My Mind Can Be Cruel to Me

Single Sentence Singles Review: With eight full-length albums under his belt, Whitmore redefines the mind’s self-destructive ways with refined songwriting, creating a feeling that places you on a stool with a cold beer in front of you… and in a head space that is all too relatable.

Beyond The Track: What’s the song all about? Here is what Whitmore had to say about it.
Our memories and thoughts can be torturous at times. Mark Twain called it the ‘devil’s race track’, when a line of thought and worry goes around and around in a circle inside our brains. Is the mind a separate entity from the body? At what point does it feel as though our brains are actually betraying us?”

And that’s why…

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Levi Rowan’s Let It Go


Song Title: Let It Go

Single Sentence Singles Review: Calling something “infectious” may not be the smartest move in 2020, but Levi Rowan is getting us all nostalgic for the word as this latest track is as hot as a fever and is not that easy to shake – unless of course you’re shaking along with the contagious end-of-summer anthem.

Beyond The Track: What’s the song all about? Here is what Rowan had to say about it.

Let It Go is an extremely personal track because it’s basically my origin story. Through multiple instances, I detail negative situations that have influenced me to see the world through an at times frustrating lens. This song was made to lift that off of my shoulders. It’s also a message to everyone not to judge a kid before you know them, it’s really easy to deem someone a bad apple off hearsay before you know what seeds they’ve been grown from. Growing up and trying to find your place in this world is difficult, hopefully, this song will help people take a breath.”

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Air Traffic Controller’s Sometimes


Song Title: Sometimes

Single Sentence Singles Review: More of an always song than a sometimes one, this track from Boston’s Air Traffic Controller is a giddy good time powered by Dave Munro’s velvety vocals and a series of tinny tings that elicit uncontrollable full-body bobs.

Beyond The Track: Although no album has been formally announced yet, this single has been served up to tease an expected 2021 release.

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Bonny Light Horseman’s Buzzin’ Fly


Song Title: Buzzin’ Fly

Single Sentence Singles Review: As far as covers go, this reimagining of Jeff Buckley’s Buzzin’ Fly is buzzing with so much warmth and richness that it simultaneously pays perfect homage to the original while also holding true to the exceptional Bonny Light Horseman sound.

Beyond The Track: Bandcamp proceeds from “Buzzin’ Fly” will go to support Bonny Light Horseman’s touring band and crew members impacted by the COVID-19 shutdown. Get the single here.

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dad sports’ name & place

Single Cover Art By: Adam Elkhadem

Song Title: name & place

Single Sentence Singles Review: If we were coming of age all over again, we would imagine it would sound a lot like this whimsical lo-fi single, which is the dog days of summer translated into song and then amplified for the purpose of creating memories.

Beyond The Track: Hailing from Ottawa, dad sports just signed to Grand Jury Music, an independent record label out of New York.

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Meg Smith’s Cross My Heart I Hope U Die


Song Title: Cross My Heart I Hope U Die

Single Sentence Singles Review: With a delectably-venomous title to set the table, Smith serves up an audible feast that is both the saltiest and sweetest earworm you’ll ingest all year!

Beyond The Track: “Cross My Heart I Hope U Die” will be featured on Smith’s debut EP, due later this year. As for what she hoped to accomplish with the track? “It came to a point where I decided to totally forget all my preconceived notions about what my music should sound like. So I went into the session and I was like ‘Today I want to write the spookiest song ever.’”

And that means…

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Pete Kronowitt’s Roly Poly


Song Title: Roly Poly

Single Sentence Singles Review: Music is an escape, but it can also carry a message, and in “Roly Poly” Kronowitt reminds us all that we can either be part of the problem or the solution, and he does it while entertaining – not haranguing.

Beyond The Track: Kronowitt’s latest album, Do Something Now (pictured left), is available September 25.

And that means…

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Lorenzo Mohr’s Harry Wants To Be Free


Song Title: Harry Wants to Be Free

Single Sentence Singles Review: With a smooth and playful voice reminiscent of Elton John, Mohr provides a spark of energy to our burned out 2020 brains, setting the table for an anticipated self-titled debut that we can’t wait to lay our ears on!

Beyond The Track: What does the song mean? Let’s hear from Mohr directly on that. “It talks about breaking free from the constant presence of digital technology in our lives. It tells the story of Harry, a character who is tired of being constantly surveilled and monitored, a person dreaming of reuniting with nature and a reality that is truer and more alive.”

And that means…

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Lydia Loveless’ Wringer


Song Title: Wringer

Single Sentence Singles Review: Previewing her first album in four years, “Wringer” prickles with the pain of divorce and remains on brand with the open book approach to Loveless’ songwriting that we have never been able to get enough of.

Beyond The Track: The upcoming album Daughter (art pictured left) will be released on her new label, Honey, You’re Gonna Be Late Records, on September 25.

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