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Honeyblood’s In Plain Sight

Artist: Honeyblood

Album: In Plain Sight

Label: Marathon Artists

Reason We’re Cranking It: Spring springs anew, which is fitting for Honeyblood as various changes mark the band’s latest album, “In Plain Sight.” No longer a duo, Stina Tweeddale is going it alone and doing so with a renewed interest in exploration. Genre-bending, the album mixes in flavors from the past, present and future of music, but still manages to work as a cohesive collection.

What The Album Tells Us About Her: Sure, two heads can be better than one, but when it comes to artistic expression, Tweeddale proves that the quantity of minds doesn’t always impact the quality of the creative point of view. With a clear direction, she has turned the page on a new and exciting chapter, making Honeyblood her own but never turning her back on what – and who – came before.

Track Stuck On Repeat: With a 1960s R&B vibe, “The Third Degree” is doo wop for the digital age. The most sonically unique song on the album, it’s not necessarily a diamond in the rough because “In Plain Sight” is as polished as a big screen blockbuster, but it’s a standout due to its singular specificness.

And that means…

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