Bottled Up Emotions

Captain Lawrence Brewing’s Frost Monster

Brewer: Captain Lawrence Brewing Co.

Beer: Frost Monster Imperial Stout

Alcohol Content by Volume: 12%

As an emoji, I wear my emotions on my yellow sleeve. If I’m happy, you know it. If I’m sad, you know it. And, as the name of this column implies, if I’m drunk, you know it!

Drunk is what happened when I decided to sample the Frost Monster Imperial Stout. And before you send me nasty emails suggesting I’m reckless with my alcohol, let it be known that I drank responsibly… in the comfort of my own living room. (I did however drunk text an old emoji flame, which was extremely irresponsible, but that is neither here nor there.)

The thing is, I knew that the 12% would lead me to 100% tipsiness, but the roasted malty goodness of this royally-named stout lured me in like the cuddly nature of the frost monster pictured on the label. As I was Netflix’ing my way through season three of a series I remember very little about, I found myself reaching for another just as soon as I finished the first, sipping from what tasted like a boozy espresso that, while cold, warmed me to my very emoji soul.

I vowed that this was going to be the last stout of the season that I sampled and I’m glad that I waited to unleash the lurking Frost Monster in the season finale because it truly was a matter of saving the best for last.


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