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Peak Organic’s Fresh Cut

Brewer: Peak Organic Brewing Company

Beer: Fresh Cut

Alcohol Content by Volume: 4.7%

Fresh cut grass is one of my favorite smells in the entire world of smells. It’s nostalgic and a staple of summer, instantly jump starting the pleasure center of my large emoji brain.

Fresh Cut, the beer, is now one of my favorite pilsners in the entire world of pilsners. It too is nostalgic, filling my mouth with reminders of some of my earliest beer experiences. Golden and inviting in my go-to pint glass, it’s a refreshing swig from start to finish, and according to the label, filled with pure organic ingredients to boot. Not too shabby!

I look forward to nestling a bottle of this in my neck koozie come May so that I can combine my two favorite fresh cuts into one singular experience while mowing the lawn on the first hazy, lazy Saturday afternoon.


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