Sit and Spin

Soccer Mommy’s Clean

Artist: Soccer Mommy

Album: “Clean”

Label: Fat Possum Records

Reason We’re Cranking It: Less angry but no less visceral, Sophie Allison has the potential to be her generation’s Alanis Morissette – an artist who hikes up her emotionally-covered sleeves to bare the scars that life, even in her relatively short-lived 20 years, has left on her soul.

What The Album Tells Us About Her: Allison connects to humanity through her music, finding a kindred spirit in the concept of being. Sure, we’re all on different paths, but “Clean” speaks to the crossroads we all find ourselves standing at eventually, a communal space where universally-shared experiences crash head on.

Track Stuck On Repeat: There’s something about Allison’s ascending vocal delivery on “Last Girl” that is spellbinding. We’re six plays in already this morning and the new song scent has yet to wear off.

Coming To A City Near You: Soccer Mommy tour dates can be found here.

And that means…

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