Bottled Up Emotions


Brewer: Southern Tier

Beer: Blackwater Series Choklat

Alcohol Content by Volume: 10%

I’m never afraid to bury my emoting face into funky flavors brewed with obscure ingredients, but I admit that this one had me wondering if my yellow frown would be turned upside down. Concern crept in when I popped the cap and caught the scent… a nostalgic rush that was more childhood scratch and sniff sticker than bubbly beer laced with Bavarian sweets. Thankfully I am not a judgmental emoticon. Pushing aside my desire to scratch and/or sniff the beer a second time, I tasted the slightly-sweet stout and let the taste of chocolate tickle my taste buds as opposed to what I originally expected, which was to be assaulted by overpowering sweetness. That was definitely not the case. There’s a great balance of flavors here, and while I wouldn’t make a night of it with a sixer, I would reach for a Choklat with a savory dinner or as a liquid dessert. To my loving emoti-wife… I’m skipping the chocolates this Valentine’s Day and getting you Choklat instead.



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