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Current Joys’ A Different Age

Artist: Current Joys

Album: “A Different Age”

Label: Danger Collective Records

Reason We’re Cranking It: As content control continues to drive the way we consume media, it’s no surprise that many musicians are taking a multi-platform approach with their own creative offspring. Marrying a cinematic narrative to music is not a new concept by any means, but Current Joys’ visual album “A Different Age” is an innovative way to get an artistic point across. It’s like when Nerds candy decided to offer split packaging featuring two of your favorite flavors side by side… delicious.

What The Album Tells Us About Them: The solo project of songwriter Nicholas Rattigan (Surf Curse), Current Joys is clearly a labor of love for the LA-based multi-hyphenate who also directed the videos that correspond with the nine tracks. While everyone is out there trying to outdo each other, Rattigan is doing, creating multiple stages for himself to stand on, even within a single project. It’s ambitious and telling of the drive he has, and it doesn’t hurt that the music is pretty damn compelling as well.

Track Stuck On Repeat: With the song “Alabama,” Rattigan delivers us into a state of mind as opposed to an actual state. Mellow and moody, it’s the most memorable snippet from the album, and although there is a video already queued up, this is one offering from “A Different Age” that we suggest closing your eyes to and finding your own visual way with. Rattigan’s vocals will take you somewhere. Let them.

Coming To A City Near You: Current Joys tour dates can be found here.

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