Sit and Spin

Western Addiction’s Tremulous

Artist: Western Addiction

Album: “Tremulous”

Label: Fat Wreck Chords

Format Reviewed: Digital Advance



Lyrics of Note:
Gusts of filth slit the wintry air
We stood where trains won’t even dare
When the call comes in you know
What’s going on in that home

It’s been over a decade since Western Addiction released their debut, “Cognicide,” and while a lot can change in the course of 10 plus years, the San Fran natives have maintained their melodic hardcore sound, bringing solid, innovative songwriting to every track on “Tremulous.”

Singer Jason Hall attacks each song with an audible passion, combining classic hardcore vocals with a harmonic snarl that is entirely his own. While the album lacks a single song worth the skip button’s attention, “Honeycreeper” and “Taedium” are the most addictive, both rising and falling with interesting progressions and unexpected pace changes that would fail in the hands of other bands, but work surprisingly well with Western Addiction in the driver’s seat.

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