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Santa Clarita Diet

Series: Santa Clarita Diet

Where To Watch: Netflix

Starring: Drew Barrymore, Timothy Olyphant, Liv Hewson and Skyler Gisondo

Creators: Victor Fresco

Reason We’re Watching It: Any series that can successfully take a horror story and put a comedic spin on it is always worth checking out in our books. “Santa Clarita Diet” is not just a zombie comedy. It’s really, at its core, a story about family and neighbors… and how to literally survive your relationship with the undead.

What It’s About: Sheila (Barrymore) and Joel (Olyphant) are two real estate agents living that perfect suburban life where the biggest worry is trying to come up with an excuse to NOT have dinner with the annoying neighbors. They soon gain a new perspective on things, though, when Sheila takes a turn for the undead. Now the couple and their daughter have to figure out how to keep the family together and keep Sheila fed so that she doesn’t eat those same pesky neighbors.

Whoah! Rewind That!: **SPOILERS IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN SEASON 2** This series is so great that each episode really has its own moment that you’re going to want to play over and over again. For us, a memorable one that had us both cringing and laughing hysterically is when Joel and Sheila invite Nazis to their storage locker in order to kill them for Sheila’s next meal. They reason that Nazis are bad people, and they shouldn’t feel bad for killing bad people, so…

Looks like they are still a loving family after all!

Watercooler-Worthy Tidbit: Drew Barrymore was about to leave acting to focus solely on business and spending more time with her family, but when she got the script for “Santa Clarita Diet” she could not pass it up.

And that’s why we’re giving it…

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