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Jonathan Wilson’s Rare Birds

Artist: Jonathan Wilson

Album: “Rare Birds”

Label: Bella Union

Reason We’re Cranking It: Like an album passed down to us by our music-loving father, “Rare Birds” has a classic and collective groove to it that feels built for cruising, destination anywhere. With just you, the clothes on your back and the album serving as its soundtrack, Wilson takes you on a trip, the kind that is an escape from the day-to-day grind and that you dread coming back from.

What The Album Tells Us About Him: From a songwriting perspective, Wilson reaches familiar outcomes but gets there by taking uniquely unfamiliar paths. His particular perspective on relatable subjects makes him a standalone, even when standing in the long line of talented singer/songwriters who have come before him.

Track Stuck On Repeat: “Sunset Blvd” is the kind of song that instantly makes you feel good, a beautiful blend of Wilson’s swaying vocals and his lyrical poetry. It’s soothe juice for the soul and a reminder of what music is capable of when it’s done in such a profoundly moving way.

Coming To A City Near You: Jonathan Wilson tour dates can be found here.

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