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Party Nails’ Come Again

Artist: Party Nails

Album: “Come Again”

Label: killphonic

Format Reviewed: Digital Advance



Lyrics of Note:
You’re waking up but you can’t get up
Nothing going on till the night comes
What was it you said that you said anyway?
Just waiting for the day I come undone

Party Nails’ debut EP “Come Again” is the opposite of fingernails down a chalkboard. (Melted chocolate poured down a strawberry flavored ice luge?) Pleasant, fiercely contagious and relentlessly catchy, the five-song EP is a pop revelation. The brainchild of singer/guitarist Elana Belle Carroll, Party Nails sounds like the end result of heyday Cyndi Lauper being dropped into a blender with an indie-influenced Katy Perry, mixed and then poured into the vocal chords of Madonna, circa 1983. It’s longingly nostalgic without being kitschy and purposefully modern without being pretentious. Plain and simple… it’s melted chocolate poured down a strawberry flavored ice luge. So good!

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