Sit and Spin

No Small Children’s I Feel Better

Artist: No Small Children

Song: “I Feel Better”

Label: Self-Released

Format Reviewed: Digital Advance



Lyrics of Note:
All by myself
It’s cold outside
It’s dark outside
To be somewhere else
To taste so good
To feel so good

“I Feel Better,” the latest single by No Small Children, is pop/punk perfection with a chorus that is impossible to ignore. Laced with anthem worthy hooks, it ropes you in, wrapping itself around your brain and forces you to deliver uninvited guest vocals and “whoas” alongside of the band simply because you can’t help yourself. In working with producer Bob Marlette for the first time, the LA-based trio has tapped into a new level of their already-contagious sound. If this is the appetizer that signals the album to come, then strap a bib on us because we’re ready for the full meal.

Check out our interview with the band HERE.

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