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Handsome Ghost’s Welcome Back

Artist: Handsome Ghost

Album: “Welcome Back”

Label: Photo Finish Records

Reason We’re Cranking It: The album does more than present a series of songs, it exhibits a journey of emotions, a sense of audible feel that connects you to the music in a way that makes you a part of the collection as opposed to standing on the outside looking (and listening) in.

What The Album Tells Us About Them: Tim Noyes is not only a songwriter, he’s a tour guide, bringing you on an expedition into his mind. Aboard his musical caravan, he’s painting a picture full of rich colors and meticulous detail.

Track Stuck On Repeat: Stripped down and exposed, “Fool” is the perfect vehicle for an instant artist/listener connection. Noyes opens the door and allows you to step through to stand inside the foyer of his creative point of view.

Coming To A City Near You: Handsome Ghost tour dates can be found here.

In Their Own Words: Check out our 2017 chat with Noyes here.

And that means…

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