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Ruby Boots’ Don’t Talk About It

Artist: Ruby Boots

Album: “Don’t Talk About It”

Label: Bloodshot Records

Reason We’re Cranking It: Nomadic by nature and longing for the adventure of the road, we gravitate towards the kind of music that plays out like a multi-city soundtrack. If we were leaving on a trip tomorrow with nothing but horizons and questionable decisions laid out in front of us, “Don’t Talk About It” would be our musical accompaniment. Ruby Boots just called shotgun!

What The Album Tells Us About Her: Ruby Boots (real name Bex Chilcott) has a gypsy soul that she’s not afraid to leave exposed. Whatever she’s looking for, she’s searching for it through her music and taking us along on the journey with her.

Track Stuck On Repeat: There’s so much to like on this album, but the title track is a beautiful blend of old and new, a musical mosaic of different genres, including a sprinkling of 60s pop that has us feeling nostalgic and itching to hit the replay button.

Coming To A City Near You: Keep an eye on upcoming cities/dates here.

And that means…

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