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Anna von Hausswolff’s Dead Magic

Artist: Anna von Hausswolff

Album: “Dead Magic”

Label: City Slang

Reason We’re Cranking It: Utilizing a 20th century organ from one of the largest churches in Scandinavia for the majority of the 47 musical minutes, Anna von Hausswolff crafts an epic expedition into the morbidly acute inner recesses of her creative brain that leaves a haunting impression on all who venture inside. Magic isn’t dead… “Dead Magic” is proof to that.

What The Album Tells Us About Her: When von Hausswolff closes her eyes to dream, the imaginative landscape must spring to life like a Tim Burton movie. Her ability to compose such compelling artistic expressions while painting eerily-irresistible imagery through the rise and fall of her voice alone is as unique a creative POV as we have experienced in a very long time.

Track Stuck On Repeat: This is not a pop album. You’re not spinning “Dead Magic” for a quick feel-good fix. You’re investing time and focus when you sit down with it because that is what the songs require in order for you to get the most out of them. At just over 16 minutes long, “Ugly and Vengeful” sucks you in, building upon a growing sense of doom that seems to follow you like your own shadow. Ominous and yet somehow uplifting, the hyptnotizing organ play combined with von Hausswolff’s chant-like vocal runs raises you out of the ashes like the phoenix and stays with you for days.

Coming To A City Near You: Anna von Hausswolff tour dates can be found here.

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