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Charlie Collins’ Snowpine


Artist: Charlie Collins

Album: Snowpine

Label: Mirror Music Group

Reason We’re Cranking It: Collins spins a compelling narrative that captivates. Her songwriting, particularly when painting pictures of human emotion, is top tier. Although a debut, “Snowpine” plays like a veteran Nashville songwriter, used to writing hits for other artists, who has taken a gamble on her own frontwoman potential and hits the jackpot.

What The Album Tells Us About Her: The best songwriters – the ones who connect deeply with an audience – are those who aren’t afraid to reveal themselves in their art. With a catapult of authenticity, Collins knocks down the walls, exposing her inner castle to listeners in as honest of a way as a music fan can hope for. If she keeps this up album-to-album, her career will be something special.

Track Stuck On Repeat: A powerful way to kick off a debut, “Unwell” sets the table for the ups and downs of the human experience that “Snowpine” highlights in its entirety. Recognizing the importance in making a great first impression, the Australian-born singer-songwriter wins us over from our very first encounter and creates a longing for more quality time with her music.

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