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Game Review: Ookujira


Game Title: Ookujira – Giant Whale Rampage

Platforms: IOS, Android

Price: FREE

App Version: 2.31

It’s easy to be overwhelmed when perusing the games in your app store. There are at least a gagillion choices… that’s right, we ran the numbers and there are a gagillion games to choose from (don’t fact check that, just believe us). So, how do you decide which of these colorful games becomes your next gaming addiction/reality escape while you’re waiting in line at the DMV or sitting next to your crazy sister-in-law at a forced family gathering? Well, that’s where TrunkGaming comes in. We’ve spent countless caffeine-fueled hours looking for the perfect time consumer of a game, and our pick this week is “Ookujira – Giant Whale Rampage” by Rieha Creative. Grab your snorkel and mobile device and hide your wooden boy doll, cause this ain’t your Geppetto’s whale!

What do you do when the world is invaded by evil alien robots and human technology proves to be no match for this alien tech? Isn’t it obvious? You turn to a giant whale to save all of humanity! This is a highly addictive side scrolling tap-and-go sort of game. The mechanics are simple enough and it’s easy to catch on to quickly and start enjoying the gameplay. You are tasked at saving the world as a giant whale out of water. You tap once to make your whale leap out of the ocean and into action. You need to keep the whale on top of the buildings, so there are mid-air jump options that help you achieve this. Once you’ve mastered the air jumps and landed on rooftops like you’re Spider-Whale, you are hit with the task of diving on buildings. You tap the dive button, and your whale dives down quickly crushing a building or anything else in your path. This is especially useful for crushing those pesky robot ships. Just when you’re thinking that is more than enough to handle, you start collecting holographic-looking diamonds. We’re not sure what they are to be honest, but they’re basically like Mario’s golden coins. Once you accumulate enough of these holographic diamonds, you can utilize them to cash in on in-game purchases without using that precious real human money. The purchases include power-ups for your whale that will aid you in your fight against the robots. You could go through and play this game entirely for free, which is a plus. However, if you really, really want a cool-looking robot whale, you could fork over the 99 cents to get a new whale skin to play as.

There are two different “modes” you can play in “Ookujira.” One is the classic arcade mode, which has you playing through different countries and fighting robot alien tech with nothing but your fins and flippers. Arcade mode is probably best to start out with until you get the hang of the game mechanics. The other mode is called slalom. The objective of slalom is to maneuver your whale through the laser gates being held by floating robots. You can also crush buildings along the way to gain extra points and ultimately more of those collectible holograph diamonds. We found both modes were enjoyable and easy to navigate.

Visually, the game is quite beautiful as well with pastel-like colors. If you appreciate a great color scheme that is pleasing to the eye, then you will appreciate the time and care they spent crafting the environments and characters in this game. We found the colors were also not so harsh and bright on your eyes, which is great, because you can play longer before starting to resemble Droopy the cartoon dog.

Ookujira” is rated 9+ for cartoon-like violence, but we think this is a bit harsh, unless you consider a whale crushing a building violent. We think kiddos of all ages would get a good laugh out of this and adults will find it absurdly entertaining. The premise alone is ridonculous and worth a download. So, what are you waiting for? Dive in and take the plunge with “Ookujira – Giant Whale Rampage” and make those robot aliens pay!

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