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Kevin Morby’s Oh My God


Artist: Kevin Morby

Album: Oh My God

Label: Dead Oceans

Reason We’re Cranking It: Spiritual in its focus, “Oh My God” tackles not only the here, but what lies out there – the endings that lead to new beginnings for those who believe. But this is not an album meant for the devoted, but instead, for those of us who do not shy away from asking questions… even when there are no good answers available.

What The Album Tells Us About Him: With his fifth solo album, Morby gets a bit morbid at times, but it’s not without understanding. He tackles subjects we all think about but are often too apprehensive to discuss in our day to day lives, including life, death and what the two add up to in the end. He’s opened up his head, giving us both an autobiographical and fictional look at the mysteries of our complex existence, and we’re reminded that beneath all of the flesh, muscle and bone, we all march to the beat of the same death drum.

Track Stuck On Repeat: The Skyliners feel present on “Congratulations,” particularly in the guitar solo, which combined with Morby’s bending croon, plays like a haunting doo-wop ditty from the great beyond.

And that means…

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