Heather Wood Broderick

Sit and Spin

Heather Woods Broderick’s Invitation


Artist: Heather Woods Broderick

Album: Invitation

Label: Western Vinyl

Reason We’re Cranking It: Capable of carrying the listener away and inducing them into a trance-like state, “Invitation” takes you by the hand and leads you into Broderick’s mind where she paints an extremely intimate portrait using the types of thoughts that we all find ourselves revisiting when surrounded by isolation and stillness.

What The Album Tells Us About Her: Written in Oregon, Broderick was able to capture the look and feel of the Pacific Northwest in her music, crafting dream-pop sounds that cause the listener to sway side to side like coastal trees dancing in the breeze drifting off of the ocean. She hasn’t just created an album that you can listen to, but a world that you can live in.

Track Stuck On Repeat: The second single released from the album, “White Tail” details the songwriter’s struggles with depression, sparking a thought-provoking self-examination by way of lyrical snippets like, “surrender to sleepless shifting.”

And that means…

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