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Keeton Coffman


With his latest single “Wounded Heart” doing the opposite and healing the hearts of music lovers, singer-songwriter Keeton Coffman is bringing a creative confidence to the virtual stage. His upcoming album Hard Times (due June 18) encompasses a personal journey told from a storyteller’s perspective, but in a year when everyone has been hit with their fair share of difficulties, the hard times that the Texas-born musician lays out could just as easily be our own. That’s why we sat down with Coffman for a brand new seven question session.

Featured Photo By: Jess Genevieve

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Spencer Burton


Like an inviting hug in a time when such embraces are scarce, Spencer Burton’s Coyote is the perfect audible antidote to both the cold of winter and the chill of isolation. Although it is the country-folk artist’s fifth studio album, the songwriter is all about living in the moment, which means he is less invested in his body of work than he is in his most recent endeavor. Released February 18 on Still Records, Coyote has already spawned a number of singles, including “Memories We Won’t Soon Forget,” “Hard Times” and “Nothing’s Changed.” We recently sat down with Burton for our latest seven question session.


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