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Patrick Sabongui


While luck can pay off, hard work is a more reliable source of continued success. Take for example Patrick Sabongui, who in the last year alone has starred in Firefly Lane, Shameless, and The Flash, a series that he has been active with since Season 1, playing Chief David Singh. But working on camera is not the only hustling the Montreal-born actor is doing day-to-day. Actively developing projects of his own, Sabongui has established a production company, Life Force Films, and has some exciting things in the works, which he shared with us in our latest seven question session.

Featured Image By: Chris Singer

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The Featured Presentation

Jason McKinnon


When your television series is one of the most popular on Netflix, you’re having a pretty good start to 2021. That’s how the year is kicking off for Jason McKinnon, star of Firefly Lane, which premiered February 3 on the streaming platform and went on to become the #1 series worldwide. Not too shabby! We recently sat down with the West Vancouver native for a brand new seven question session.

Featured Image By: Paper Crane Creative.

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