Edo Ferragamo

Edo Ferragamo

Photo By: Lapo Quagli

Artist: Edo Ferragamo

Socials: Instagram/Facebook

Hometown: Florence, Italy

TrunkSpace: The new year is upon us, and for you, that means new music being released. What emotions do you juggle with as you prepare to release new material on the world?
Ferragamo: I couldn’t be more excited! I think every artist in general is always wishing to release his work, but it’s not always that easy. In my case, this is going to be my debut EP and I’ve been waiting for a long time to put it out. These last couple of years I’ve been focusing mainly on writing songs and I have so many. The hardest part was probably selecting my favorites!

TrunkSpace: Listening to your music, we can’t help but hear so many different influences that had a hand at creating your musical POV. How long did it take you to find your voice as an artist?
Ferragamo: A long time to be honest! I’m not completely sure if I found my “ultimate voice” as an artist quite yet. I think it’s a constant development and I’m getting closer and closer. I grew up playing and listening to classic rock, then I went to Berklee College of Music and got into funk and fusion. From there I approached the EDM world, and now I’m very much into pop/ urban/electronic. I think it’s very important to explore different genres to understand what you like most!

TrunkSpace: Would the Edo who first picked up a guitar and dreamed of becoming a musician be surprised by what your sound has shaped into, and if so, why?
Ferragamo: Definitely. I was very much, as a kid, into all the great classic rock bands. Not to say that I don’t like them anymore, but they are a bit outdated now.

TrunkSpace: What are you most excited about in terms of the music you have locked and loaded for release?
Ferragamo: The first single, “Common People,” that I co-wrote with my friend and great rapper/singer Cayenne Noluck (who’s also performing on the record) is definitely one of my favorites. Not only is it very catchy and uplifting, it talks about something very close to my heart, which is the importance of spreading love in today’s world!

TrunkSpace: What does the music we’ll hear from you in 2019 say about who you are as an artist today?
Ferragamo: The music is very uplifting, up-to-date pop sounds with urban influences and a lot of organic elements – guitar is my main instrument on most songs. I want fans to feel free and peaceful. I’d like to give them some uplifting and positive energy!

TrunkSpace: What do you get writing and performing music that you can’t find by being a listener to it alone? What keeps you writing and creating?
Ferragamo: My favorite part is definitely going inside a room with nothing and coming out with something tangible when making music. I think the process is really magical! Creating something that before didn’t exist, something you cannot touch or see, but something you can hear and FEEL! I also love the feeling of my brain really working hard to place and structure the emotions coming from my heart and putting it into a song.

TrunkSpace: You were born in Italy and went to school in Boston (our hometown!). How did Italy shape your musical path, and did Boston force it to veer in another direction? Did the city and people of Boston influence your music directly?
Ferragamo: Italy, and especially Florence, is a place full of art and history. There is no way that it cannot influence you as a person. It’s almost overwhelming sometimes! I feel so fortunate being born as an Italian. My roots are strong and I will never change them. However, I think that my main change in music specifically happened in Boston. Just the fact that I was able to surround myself with so many incredibly talented musicians was something super valuable. I discovered new ways of playing, new genres and new styles. It was not always easy, but hard work always pays off!

TrunkSpace: Can you envision a day when music is not a part of your life?
Ferragamo: Absolutely not!

TrunkSpace: Outside of another artist, was there someone in your life who inspired or supported your creative endeavors that you feel was important to you getting where you are today with your music?
Ferragamo: Yes, I’m very passionate about sports and working out, so my trainer Andrea, who always pushed me since I was 12-years-old to become a better person. (Stronger, faster and wiser.) Not to say that this inspired my creative juices, but it definitely defined my character as a person and helped my motivation in general!

TrunkSpace: Again, we just jumped into 2019. Any New Year’s resolutions that you took on?
Ferragamo: Not really any New Year’s resolutions! I want to thank my fans for supporting me throughout this journey that is only at the beginning. I have so much music to share, so please keep following me as I move forward.

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