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Alex Little and the Suspicious Minds


With their new album Waiting to Get Paid now available via Light Organ Records, Alex Little and the Suspicious Minds have blended the upbeat swagger of 80s pop with the brutal honesty of adult living, crafting a record that you can enjoy on both the surface level and somewhere deep beneath. And while we have all done our fair share of idling this past year, we’re happy that we don’t have to wait on Waiting to Get Paid, which is why we sat down with Alex Little for our latest seven question session.

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Company Profile: Nic Tailor


With so many companies doing so many interesting things, we have decided to profile those trying to make a difference beyond the consumer level. For this first coverage profile we’re highlighting actual coverage – Nic Tailor, a custom men’s underwear brand that recently launched a body positivity campaign, encouraging men to find comfort in more than the boxers that hug their booties. We sat down with the founder of the brand, Cal Mosack for a CUSTOMIZED seven question session.


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Nick Leng


With his latest single “One More Time,” singer-songwriter Nick Leng has pivoted from what was to what is. He admits that there was a time in the not-so-distant past when he was working on tracks that other people felt suited him better than he himself did, so he responded in the only way that he could… by starting to write music that he was passionate about again. Now, with a new album on the horizon, he is not only excited about that collection of songs to come, but a future filled with the countless songs scratching to get out of his head, which is why we sat down with him for a brand new seven question session.


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