Andrew W.K.’s You’re Not Alone

Artist: Andrew W.K.

Album: “You’re Not Alone”

Label: Bee & El/Sony Music

Reason We’re Cranking It: In a world that is filled to the brim with negativity, bullying and gloom, it is rare to be reminded of the positive side of life. It is even more rare to be reminded of it with the power of rock and partying, but Andrew W.K. has done just that with his latest album, “You’re Not Alone.” Each track leads into one another like a rock opera that is consumed by our ears and filtered out through our brains, and by the time the last song plays through, we’re left feeling stronger and more uplifted than when we began.

What The Album Tells Us About Them: This album has a very emotional vibe to it. It feels like a journey – perhaps a journey that Andrew W.K. has made in his own life and is sharing with the world through amazing guitar riffs, masterful piano playing and entrancing vocals. The album has a truth and honesty to it that is undeniable and rare.

Track Stuck On Repeat: While we have the whole album on repeat, we can’t get “Party Mindset” out of our minds. It has a melodic piano hook mixed with a message of discovery that will have you singing along and drumming on your desk with positivity and partying, the rest of the day long!

Coming To A City Near You: Andrew W.K. tour dates can be found here.

In Their Own Words: Check out our 2017 chat with Andrew W.K. here.

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