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Wilmette’s Carol From HR


Song Title: “Carol From HR

Single Sentence Singles Review: In a season packed with easy-listening melodies meant to tug on nostalgic heartstrings, Wilmette delivers the goods on a riff-filled one horse open sleigh that skips melting snow and goes right for melting your face!

Beyond The Track: The band’s latest EP, Anxious Body, is out now on Mutant League Records. Get it here.

And that means…

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Coco Reilly’s Christmas With You


Song Title: “Christmas With You

Single Sentence Singles Review: We love the standards that come along with the holiday season, but when every Bing Crosby and Burl Ives cheer-giver are playing in heavy rotation from the day after Halloween to now, it’s nice to inject the seasonal playlist with a song like “Christmas With You,” which decks the halls in an entirely new way while still giving us the classic feels.

Beyond The Track: Want to hear what Coco Reilly sounds like when not writing for the holiday season? Check out her debut single, “Define You,” here.

And that means…

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Alexander Biggs’ Madeleine


Song Title: “Madeleine”

Single Sentence Singles Review: Whether you’ve traversed the landscape of a toxic relationship yourself or were perched as a fly on the wall looking down on one, this song is eerily relatable, though it’s Biggs’ haunting delivery that makes it eerily believable.

Beyond The Track: Biggs has independently built up over 6 million Spotify streams. Want to help add to his total? Start with one of his other 2019 singles, “Miserable.”

And that means…

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Holy Pinto’s Acquaintances, Friends – Love Ends


Song Title: Acquaintances, Friends – Love Ends

Single Sentence Singles Review: From Milwaukee by way of the UK, Aymen Saleh delivers a unique musical perspective to your speakers that is a mix of introspective life journey and fun-filled drinking anthem.

Beyond The Track: The first of three singles set for release in 2019, Acquaintances, Friends – Love Ends” doesn’t have an album to call home, but you should still invite this one to live under your own digital roof. It is available for purchase here.

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Ghost’s Kiss the Go-Goat


Song Title: “Kiss the Go-Goat”

From The Album: Seven Inches of Satanic Panic (art pictured at left)

Single Sentence Singles Review: “Kiss the Go-Goat” embodies all of the things you love about Ghost wrapped up into one song, including haunting vocals, pop-rock riffs and a hook that snags you and won’t let you go until the Great Pumpkin has risen!

Beyond The Track: Get all the ghoulish details on Ghost’s latest album, “Prequelle,” as well as touring info on their official website, here.



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Booze & Glory’s LIVE IT UP


Song Title: “LIVE IT UP”

From The Album: Hurricane (art pictured at left)

Single Sentence Singles Review: Grab the keys to the DeLorean, wake up Doc Brown and spike up that hair – it’s time to go back to the future of punk with Booze and Glory and their latest track, “LIVE IT UP”, which pulls at all of the right punk rock nostalgic heartstrings.

Beyond The Track: Hurricane, the fifth album from Booze & Glory, drops on October 18, 2019. For more info on their upcoming tour dates, check out their official Facebook page here.

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Skating Polly’s Flyer


Artist: Skating Polly

Song Title: “Flyer”

Single Sentence Singles Review: You’re never left having to take a flyer on new music from this Oklahoma trio because every song they deliver is grunge-pop goodness, including this most recent offering which is more infectious than peak flu season.

Beyond The Track: The band will be performing at the Vans Warped Tour 25th Anniversary Show in California alongside All-American Rejects, Good Charlotte and Quicksand. Check out their full upcoming tour dates here.

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Mackenzie Nicole’s Complications


Artist: Mackenzie Nicole

Song Title: “Complications”

Single Sentence Singles Review: A toe-tapping catchy track with a self-deprecating edge, Nicole sings herself into a relatable spotlight rather than placing herself up on a pop pedestal like so many other artists working within the genre today.

Beyond The Track: While “Complications” is a standalone single, Nicole does have a forthcoming album due to drop this summer. To learn more about the pop songstress, check out the TrunkSpace interview with her from 2018 here.

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Kevin Devine’s Only Yourself


Artist: Kevin Devine

Song Title: “Only Yourself”

Single Sentence Singles Review: Reminiscent of Jim Croce and his ability to infuse relatability into both the surface and the depth of his songwriting, Kevin Devine delivers the best three minutes of our day in a song that fully carried us away.

Beyond The Track: “Only Yourself” appears on the Devinyl Splits No. 11 (a split with Cavetown), set to drop on February 1 from Bad Timing Records. The song first premiered at BrooklynVegan. Tour dates are available here.

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Dizzy’s Bleachers


Artist: Dizzy

Song Title: “Bleachers”

Single Sentence Singles Review: Layered and multidimensional, there’s a lot to love about “Bleachers,” though the most memorable aspect of the song lies in Katie Munshaw’s playful and hypnotic vocals, which, if given the chance to continue to shine this brightly, will be destined for greatness.

Beyond The Track: “Bleachers” is the latest single off of the Canadian quartet’s debut album Baby Teeth, released in August from Royal Mountain Records/Communion Music.

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