Ryan Lott

Sit and Spin

Son Lux’s Brighter Wounds


Artist: Son Lux

Album: “Brighter Wounds”

Label: City Slang

Reason We’re Cranking It: Like a soundtrack to a trippy dream playing in its entirety throughout every nook and cranny of our subconscious mind, the album takes us on a steady tram ride high above the haunting songwriting of Ryan Lott. Your job is to sit back, enjoy the ride, and take in the scenery.

What The Album Tells Us About Them: Lott and his fellow Son Lux’ers aren’t just writing songs, they’re establishing an environment, building an ambiance that becomes part and parcel of the experience. If the band were a piece of bread, “Brighter Wounds” would be the butter.

Track Stuck On Repeat: “Dream State” doesn’t only offer a callback to our reason for playing the album at obscenely loud levels, it also pumps us up, inspiring us to get back in touch with our New Year’s resolutions and improve our physical and/or emotional selves. And therein lies the beauty of music… its ability to impact you beyond the surface.

Coming To A City Near You: Son Lux tour dates can be found here.

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