Brother Dege

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Brother Dege’s Farmer’s Almanac


Artist: Brother Dege

Album: “Farmer’s Almanac”

Label: Psyouthern Records

Reason We’re Cranking It: Brother Dege is, in a way, one of the music world’s best kept secrets. He remains entirely independent and thus maintains his own sense of artistic integrity and focuses on his craft instead of being forced to produce for a huge record label. This formula has worked well for Brother Dege, and it even landed him a Grammy nomination for his track “Too Old to Die Young,” which Quentin Tarantino personally chose to be part of the musical background for “Django Unchained.” The fact is, you know that when you pick up a Dege album, it’s going to be legit, and it’s going to be a serious piece of music.

What The Album Tells Us About Him: Brother Dege’s look, life and music is not just an act or a persona, and “Farmer’s Almanac” gives us a deep and leering glance at the ghosts and stories that populate his consciousness. From the musical intro to the final musical outro, the album takes you on a boot-stomping journey that will leave you with the same warm, comfort food feeling you would get from eating at your favorite local gumbo joint.

Track Stuck On Repeat: We can’t get enough of “Country Come to Town.” It’s the perfect storm of a catchy beat and the marriage between Dege’s vocals and steel guitar. The song is more of a feeling and emotion that grabs you, only to then sink in like humidity on a summer day.

Coming To A City Near You: Brother Dege tour dates can be found here.

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Sit and Spin

Brother Dege’s The Shakedown


Song Title: “The Shakedown” live/solo

From The Album: Farmer’s Almanac (art pictured at left)

Single Sentence Singles Review: Close your eyes while “The Shakedown” takes you on a voyage into the deep south with Brother Dege’s bluesy vocals and slide guitar as your soundtrack – it’s impossible not to stomp your boot to the beat.

Beyond The Track: Farmer’s Almanac drops June 1st from Psyouthern Records and coincides with tour dates across Europe and America. For a full list of live dates, click here.

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