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Alexander Biggs


With his debut album Hit or Miss releasing just a few days ago, singer-songwriter Alexander Biggs is blowing out the candles on a day worth celebrating, but one that also feels a bit like a birthday in that it leaves just as quickly as it arrives. From Melbourne to Massachusetts… we’re sitting down with Biggs for a seven question session.


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Sit and Spin

Alexander Biggs’ Madeleine


Song Title: “Madeleine”

Single Sentence Singles Review: Whether you’ve traversed the landscape of a toxic relationship yourself or were perched as a fly on the wall looking down on one, this song is eerily relatable, though it’s Biggs’ haunting delivery that makes it eerily believable.

Beyond The Track: Biggs has independently built up over 6 million Spotify streams. Want to help add to his total? Start with one of his other 2019 singles, “Miserable.”

And that means…

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