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Simian Mobile Disco’s Murmurations

Artist: Simian Mobile Disco

Album: “Murmurations”

Label: Wichita

Reason We’re Cranking It: Even though we’re not scientists by trade, we still appreciate a good experiment, and experimenting is exactly what the duo of James Ford and Jas Shaw have become so adept at doing, only their research isn’t conducted in a lab with variables, but instead, in a studio with sounds.

What The Album Tells Us About Them: Not having a signature sound that will pin them to their own sonic past gives them the freedom to shape themselves into whatever they want in the future. Creative diversity is part and parcel of the Simian Mobile Disco experience. “Murmurations” is as different as its predecessor as it will be of its successor.

Track Stuck On Repeat: A trickling tromp of a journey through an ‘80s landscape, “We Go” is the longest (time-wise) track on the album, but also the longest (lasting) track as well, setting up shop in your brain and leaving its crackling neon sign on OPEN at all times.

Coming To A City Near You: Unfortunately Simian Mobile Disco had to cancel their U.S. tour. Shaw is currently undergoing chemotherapy for a rare disease called AL amyloidosis. Thoughts and prayers to he and his family and we look forward to him returning to the road!

And that means…

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