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Cut Worms’ Hollow Ground

Artist: Cut Worms

Album: “Hollow Ground”

Label: Jagjaguwar

Reason We’re Cranking It: Like an old dusty LP passed down to us from our mother’s prized record collection, “Hollow Ground” is a trip of a trip, a callback to a prior generation’s definitive rock vibe when 60s-era pop ballads served as the dawn of the commercial music industry. All artists pull from what came before them, some without realizing it, but Max Clarke, aka Cut Worms, proudly stands arm in arm with his rock ‘n’ roll predecessors.

What The Album Tells Us About Him: Although a vintage approach was taken in the production of “Hollow Ground,” the lyrical positioning of Clarke is very contemporary, making him the Marty McFly of modern music – existing in the present but perfectly comfortable in the past. We can’t wait to experience what comes next.

Track Stuck On Repeat: Wedged somewhere between the song stylings of The Every Brothers and The Hollies, “Don’t Want To Say Good-bye” feels like a long lost track, at one time destined for Billboard greatness, rediscovered after being tucked inside an old vault for 50 years. If our childhood time capsule came with a soundtrack, this song would be on it.

Coming To A City Near You: Cut Worms tour dates can be found here.

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