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Everything Sucks!

Series: Everything Sucks!

Where To Watch: Netflix

Starring: Jahi Di’Allo Winston, Peyton Kennedy, Patch Darragh, Claudine Mboligikpelani Nako, Quinn Liebling, Elijah Stevenson, Rio Mangini, Sydney Sweeney

Creators: Ben York, Michael Mohan

Reason We’re Watching It: Not to pop culturally carbon date some of our staff, but some (if not all) may have worn Dr. Martens and flannel while listening to Oasis and Pearl Jam during art class in high school. “Everything Sucks!” takes a retrospective look at what it’s like to be an awkward, creative teen while attending high school circa 1990-something. It’s a comedy full of heart, not only from the perspective of the students, but the parents as well. You’ll be laughing one minute and fighting back tears of happiness the next.

What It’s About: The show is a teenage dramady set in the ‘90s. It’s a tale of not fitting in, first loves, new loves, creativity and trying to find your place in life during those awkward high school years. The series focuses much of its attention on Luke (Winston) as he tries to woo Kate (Kennedy), the principal’s daughter. Meanwhile their parents find a mutual affection for one another and bond over past experiences and life as single parents.

Whoah! Rewind That!: There is a scene where Luke recreates all of the iconic ‘90s music videos and syncs it to “Wonder Wall” by Oasis. This is all done in a creative, heartfelt attempt at asking Kate to be his girlfriend.

Watercooler-Worthy Tidbit: The scene that takes place at a Blockbuster video store was shot at only one of 10 remaining brick and mortar stores still in operation. Unfortunately, it closed at the end of 2017. R.I.P. Blockbsuter. We will always be kind and rewind!

And that’s why we’re giving it…

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