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Fu Manchu’s Clone of the Universe

Artist: Fu Manchu

Album: “Clone of the Universe”

Label: At the Dojo

Reason We’re Cranking It: We never really understood what “stoner rock” was because we assume that someone somewhere has gotten stoned to every influential album that has ever been released, but we understand the part that counts… this album rocks, stoner or not, and it deserves to be cranked.

What The Album Tells Us About Them: Fu Manchu has been writing, recording and performing for what seems like a lifetime, and the part that is most apparent in listening to their work, even to this day, is that they love what they do. That love is felt in each track off of “Clone of the Universe.”

Track Stuck On Repeat: There’s nothing slow moving about “Slower Than Light,” a song that snares you with a snare roll and then snakes its way into an infectious groove before exploding into a head-banging chorus. The song, and Scott Hill’s vocal delivery, is reminiscent of Henry Rollins, circa 1994.

Coming To A City Near You: Fu Manchu tour dates can be found here.

In Their Own Words: The recent TrunkSpace interview with Hill can be found here.

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