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Broadside’s Summer Stained


Song Title: “Summer Stained”

From The Album: Paradise

Single Sentence Singles Review: “Summer Stained” is a melodic rock tune that pays homage to Broadside fans and the symbiotic relationship between artists and the people who follow their work with a passion.

Beyond The Track: Currently on tour in Europe, the band will soon return to the States for the final Vans Warped Tour. For tour dates and info, visit here.

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Sit and Spin

Aisha Burns’ Where Do I Begin


Song Title: “Where Do I Begin”

From The Album: Argonauta (art pictured at left)

Single Sentence Singles Review: Intimate and insightful, “Where Do I Begin” is actually the perfect place to begin exploring an artist who floods emotion into every aspect of her songwriting, making listening to her music a soul-stoking experience.

Beyond The Track: Aisha Burns’ Argonauta is due May 25th on Western Vinyl. Tour dates, including her upcoming record release show, can be found here.

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Sit and Spin

Flamingo Shadow’s Black Cloud


Song Title: “Black Cloud

From The Album: Earth Music (TBA)

Single Sentence Singles Review: There is no black cloud hanging over this single, a song so catchy that you’ll find yourself sporting a wide grin while committing to a rock-themed Conga line whenever (and wherever) it starts to play.

Beyond The Track: Flamingo Shadow’s Earth Music doesn’t have a drop date yet, but keep track of the tracks to come, as well as upcoming tour dates, here.

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Sit and Spin

Sunset Radio’s 1957


Song Title: “1957”

From The Album: Album forthcoming. (Slated for October ‘18)

Single Sentence Singles Review: Summer is upon us, and with a great summer comes great music, which Sunset Radio delivers on with this pop-punk, fun-filled track about friendship.

Beyond The Track: The upcoming album from Sunset Radio is a follow-up to their 2017 debut, Vices. To stay up on the latest news for all things Sunset Radio, including tour dates, check out their official Facebook page here.

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Sit and Spin

Graveyard’s The Fox


Song Title: “The Fox”

From The Album: Peace (art pictured at left)

Single Sentence Singles Review: Fueled by powerful vocals and a barrage of heavy guitar melodies, Graveyard’s latest single pulls us deep into a foxhole, and frankly, we don’t care if we ever come out, because it rocks in here!

Beyond The Track: “Peace” is due to drop May 25th on Nuclear Blast. Graveyard, Swedish in origin, are hitting the European and UK tour scene with dates that have already been announced, which you can check out here.

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Sit and Spin

Alice Boman’s Heartbeat


Song Title: “Heartbeat”

From The Album: (released as a single)

Single Sentence Singles Review: As far as the senses are concerned, music is designed to directly influence you through sound, but “Heartbeat” transcends that and becomes something you can feel… goosebumps!

Beyond The Track: If you live in the States and you were hoping to catch Boman live, you’re fresh out of luck for the time being. Keep an eye on future tour dates here!

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Sit and Spin

Blue Heaven’s Shade


Song Title: “Shade”

From The Album: Volume One (art pictured at left)

Single Sentence Singles Review: An infectious groove combined with Levi Miller’s sugar-coated vocals makes this a poppy mood-altering pill worth popping.

Beyond The Track: Volume One drops June 15th from No Sleep Records. An East Coast tour is already under way, with dates listed here.

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Sit and Spin

Brother Dege’s The Shakedown


Song Title: “The Shakedown” live/solo

From The Album: Farmer’s Almanac (art pictured at left)

Single Sentence Singles Review: Close your eyes while “The Shakedown” takes you on a voyage into the deep south with Brother Dege’s bluesy vocals and slide guitar as your soundtrack – it’s impossible not to stomp your boot to the beat.

Beyond The Track: Farmer’s Almanac drops June 1st from Psyouthern Records and coincides with tour dates across Europe and America. For a full list of live dates, click here.

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Sit and Spin

Here Lies Man’s That Much Closer To Nothing


Song Title: “That Much Closer To Nothing”

From The Album: You Will Know Nothing (art pictured at left)

Single Sentence Singles Review: This single may induce whiplash by blasting you with a retro sound reminiscent of The Doors, then pulling you forward into the future with a beat and guitar riff that must have been gifted by the rock gods from above.

Beyond The Track: Here Lies Man will drop You Will Know Nothing June 15th on RidingEasy Records. They will be playing the Primavera Sound festival in Barcelona Spain and will perform at the Desert Daze festival in Southern California this fall. Additional tour dates can be found here.

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Sit and Spin

White Denim’s Magazin


Song Title: “Magazin”

From The Album: Performance (art pictured at left)

Single Sentence Singles Review: Even those who aren’t comfortable in jeans will want to slip into this White Denim, a track that Rush may have written had they formed 40 years after they did.

Beyond The Track: After signing with City Slang, the Austin, TX-based band will drop Performance on August 24. Check out their upcoming tour dates here.

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